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Guitar games are a sort of classification that was put on the map in support stage, particularly with the whole outer controller made to look like melodic instruments. Facebook has a couple of melodic games, however this one will be one of only a handful not many that truly grab my eye. In this audit, Mabel Games will investigate Guitar God (Don’t mixed up this game with the PS2 stage rendition with a similar name), created by Metrogames, a similar organization that presented to you the addictive game Composing Crazy person.


The game beginnings off with an exceptionally straightforward character creation screen. When you have done the important, players will at that point be taken to the principle screen.

On the primary screen, players will have two or three alternatives to pick upon. (Play game, Shops, Challenge and Welcomes) First we will investigate the Principle Game. In Guitar God, the game is generally simple to get by anybody as the game just use 5 keys on your console (A, S, D, F and G). I said it is anything but difficult to get, however to truly ace the game; players should be quick on their eye and fingers reflexes.

The game works by giving the player a guitar stage where shading plate will drop down as the music plays. Players will at that point need to immediately hit the right keys on the console to score and to pass the level. This is the place the game truly put the player’s reflexes to the test. During the start of the game it might look exceptionally simple to play this game, however because of how the engineers plan the game, the keys are extremely touchy. Indeed, even a scarcest touch, the game will recognize it as a move, causing the missed or misstep in this manner making the player lose important focuses. Besides, the game moves rather quick relying upon the sort of tunes you pick. It took me and my companion both a couple of attempts before the two of us had the option to get the hang of the game, anyway till then despite everything we commit error as we pass by.

The exceptional thing about this game is that during the interactivity, player will see 2 burden screens. One will be for the game, while the other one will interface legitimately to YouTube. When the stacking finished, player will see a screen before the stage. This resembles an actual existence broadcast from YouTube on the tunes that you will play. The spilling is fairly smooth and players will feel like they are playing with the live groups as they do their presentation. A large portion of the melodies are exceptionally pleasant and simple while some are very difficult to pursue.

The game additionally comes in 4 distinct sorts of challenges and this will put player brains under serious scrutiny. Every one of the troubles will have various tunes to play and various keys to utilize. Simple will just discharge 3 keys for client to play with while on Hard increasingly all keys will be open and the music it plays will be quick and expects players to be excessively exact with the console. Prudent to begin with simple for every new player as it took us at some point before we really move to the more troublesome settings.

Presently after you are finished with the primary game, we investigate challenge mode. Not a lot about this piece of the ongoing interaction it is as yet the equivalent aside from you will clash with your companions.

Players can likewise pick how their symbol looks like in the game. This is much the same as a gorgeous sight to the game as the players can just tweak a couple of things like materials and the music instruments they use. This variant presently couldn’t seem to enable player to tweak their player’s physical look right now.


The game realistic is done well overall and lovely to take a gander at. Despite the fact that the character themselves speak to the Japanese Chibi like, yet players will be too occupied with slamming the catches on their console to see the realistic. Expansion to that the usage of YouTube video into the game is a splendid move, really awful that solitary your companions will have the opportunity to take a gander at it while you should concentrate all your thoughtfulness regarding the shading plates.


Exceptionally clear and sharp stable as the music is really played over by means of Youtube. On the off chance that player commits an error, the guitar will make a ghastly screaming clamor that will hurt your eardrums on the off chance that you commit an excessive number of errors. Something I do see is that now and again the music will simply relax while playing, this may simply be a direct result of the planning you hit the console and keeping in mind that you miss a shot.


Any guitar sweetheart will truly adore this game as this is a small scale form that is made for Facebook.

I give Guitar God game 4 out of 5 evaluations! Shake ON!

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